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OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Audience: Administrators


OrgChart Now can import data directly from a large number of HR and directory systems. Find a list of these compatible Main Data Source Connectors below.

OrgChart can also aggregate data from multiple data sources. For example, you may want to import open positions that are recorded using a separate ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Reference the Append Data Connectors for more information.

OrgChart Now can also modify existing records. For example, you may want to identify dotted line relationships, but your current HR System does not allow reporting to more than one manager. Reference the Merge Data Connectors article or more information.


Note: If your ATS or HR system is not listed below, please email OrgChart Now Support to request an integration.


The following table lists the available Main Data Source connectors in alpha order.


Connectors marked with an (*) are only available via SFTP. If you are interested in a direct API integration with one of these connectors, please contact OrgChart Now Support to submit your request.