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OrgChart 2021

This article lists all the release notes for OrgChart, as denoted by revision number. This isn't a comprehensive list of every fix in the build, but rather a highlight reel of interesting new features, important fixes, and any significant updates we want you to know about.

2021 Release Notes

Version 5.2.1 - Released November 12, 2021
  • Append Table Enhancements - Create new fields and assign field values directly in the application, decreasing dependency on multiple append and merge documents.

  • Display photos in Search and Directory - Now when searching for an employee in Viewer and Directory, you have the option to display employee photos in the search results.

  • Better System View Library - Use built-in box styles and templates as-is, or use them as a baseline to build more complex Views.

  • Interactive Filtering Improvements - Choose to hide records filtered from the chart, or show them grayed-out.

  • SharePoint creds UI - Enables administrators to configure automated publish to SharePoint themselves, without involvement from OrgChart IT.

  • Paycom Connector - Create OrgCharts with a direct API connection to Paycom.

  • UKG Ready integration - Create OrgChart with a direct API connection to UKG Ready.

  • Igloo Photos - Import employee photos directly from your Igloo HRM.

  • Auto-Export to Excel - Receive an automated report of Master Chart data in an Excel format after a successful scheduled refresh.

  • Access Chain of Command Excel - Export an Excel of Chain of Command data directly from Viewer.

Enterprise Enhancements
  • Manager and subordinates handling improvements in Planning - Easily decide what happens with a manager's direct reports when you move or delete the manager.

  • Refined Point in Time experience- Added the Point in Time module to the Mode Switcher, so that users can easily access and load archived charts.

Countless bug fixes, performance improvements, and user experience enhancements.

Version 5.2.0 - Released August 20, 2021
  • NEW USER INTERFACE! Sleeker, streamlined interface that makes Viewing, Planning, view management, and system administration simpler and more straightforward than ever before.

  • Thrive TRM - Create OrgCharts with a direct API connection to Thrive TRM.

  • ADP HCM NG connector - Create charts with a direct API connection to ADP HCM Next Generation.

  • Oracle Fusion Connector improvements - Support for append, merge, and one-to-many Oracle API queries.

  • Additional custom field support for ADP, Dayforce, and Cornerstone

  • Launch To Self - Users can be auto-navigated to their own place in the chart upon sign in.

SSO Enhancements
  • SSO configuration interface - Configure SSO in-product with a simple user interface.

  • Single Logout - Support to toggle signing out of your IDP when a user signs out of OCN.

  • SAML-driven group assignment - Use values in your SSO SAML assertion to drive user group access in OCN.

Collaborative Planning Enhancements
  • Move Out - Clearly indicate when an employee is transferred outside the scope of a plan (instead of suppressing them)

  • Auto-Calculation of Metrics - Metrics intelligently recalculate themselves when needed.

  • Manager Rollup Handling - When suppressing or moving a manager, decide what should happen with their subordinates.

Countless bug fixes, performance improvements, and user experience enhancements.

Version 5.1.6 - Released May 7, 2021
  • 'Manual' Connector - Allow end users to manually create charts for display in OrgChart Viewer using a table interface

  • Google Directory - Generate a chart using Google Directory API

  • Chart Template Import/Export - Move chart templates and box styles from one tenant to another

  • Interactive Filters - Filter in/out chart boxes dynamically using a checkbox filters

  • Improved Import Filters - Filters now support 'contains' operator

  • Authorization Enhancements - Improved auto-assign to access group, simplified configuration

  • ADP Decidium Connector - ADP Decidium (France) users can now automate their org charts

  • Enhanced Portal Integration - Focus of launching charts from public websites (internet)

  • Bug fixes, performance enhancements and other small changes

Collaborative Planning Enhancements
  • Show Final State for Workforce Plans - Hide action overlays (available for both on screen and for export)

  • Talent Pool Enhancements - Ability to move individual or team from talent pool to plan, remove all from talent pool

Version 5.1.5 - Released March 23, 2021
  • Append Table - Allow end user to define overrides (add, delete, move or update) to an existing master chart using a user friendly interface. Enterprise only

  • Integrated View Editor - Update chart presentation from within OrgChart Viewer (View Settings… menu item). Enterprise only

  • Automatic Email Distribution - Scheduled push of PPT or PDF files via email. Enterprise only

  • Automatic Export to SharePoint - Scheduled push of PPT or PDF file to SharePoint. Enterprise only

  • Matrix Reports Navigation - Navigate through a matrixed organization by clicking on supervisor links (within chart boxes). Also, works in PDF and PPT export.

  • UKG Connector - Generate charts from UltiPro using standard UKG API. Easy to configure. Secure. Flexible field selection. Enterprise Only

  • CSOD (Cornerstone OnDemand®) Connector - Generate charts using CSOD API. Also, support querying for vacant positions. Enterprise Only

  • ClearCompany Connector - Include vacant positions queried from ClearCompany API. Enterprise Only

  • Paychex Connector - Generate a chart using the Paychex API. Enterprise Only

  • Improved Jobvite Connector - Include vacant positions queried from Jobvite API (now available as Enterprise connector). Enterprise Only

  • Improved ADP Integration - Support for both ADP WFN Recruitment Module and ADP Recruitment Management Enterprise Only

  • Simplified Office365 Photo Configuration - Added user interface to provide O365 credentials so that photos can be pulled into org charts. Enterprise Only

  • Dynamic Authorization Enhancements - Administrator UI to configure automated role and access group assignment (works with SSO and direct login). Enterprise Only

  • Enhanced Functional Charts - Allow up three levels of grouping of employees (e.g., by function and sub-function). Enterprise only

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Collaborative Planning Enhancements
  • Mass Invites - Single action to invite all read/write users or all users in an access group. Enterprise only

  • Enhanced Email Notifications - Suppress email notifications when inviting collaborators/viewers. Enterprise only

  • Enhanced Excel Export - Action (add, move, delete, change) included in Excel export. Enterprise only

  • Field Change History - Easily access prior changes to a field (and revert to those values if needed). Enterprise only

  • Create New Team - Start with a single manager and add a team. Enterprise only