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OrgChart 2022


This article lists the release notes for OrgChart, as denoted by version number. This isn't a comprehensive list of every fix in the build, but rather a highlight reel of interesting new features, important fixes, and any significant updates we want you to know about.

2022 Release Notes

Version 5.3.1 - Released December 9, 2022
  • Append Table Improvements - Hassle-free and duplicate-free management of your append tables. Upload and download append files for even easier management.

  • Reference Tables - Cross reference custom lookup tables from uploaded files for use in calculations and planning.

  • UKG Ready API Enhancements - Admins with UKG Ready now have the option to pull compensation and positional data.

  • Easy Field Swapping - Quickly add or remove fields in your chart without editing your view.

  • Interactive Filters & Highlights - Manage your personal filter and highlight library.

  • Directory Sorting -Sort your directory search results.

  • Streamlined Configuration - Admins can now click on shortcuts throughout the application to easily access configuration panels.

  • Easy Access to Record Information - Right-click records to find out critical information, such as the data source they come from, whether they are modified by any additional sources, and any field values associated with them.

  • Disconnected Branches - Easily hop between different islands of your data and visualize your entire organization structure like never before.

Enterprise Enhancements
  • Multi-Factor Authentication - App-based multi-factor authentication allows you to add an additional layer of protection to your account. Setup is quick and admins have flexibility over who needs it and who doesn’t.

  • Branch-Level Security Enhancements - Enjoy even more granular security options for limiting user access to certain sections of your chart.

A host of bugfixes, quality of life improvements, and streamlining.

Version 5.3 - Released on July, 1 2022
  • Initial Setup Experience - Go from 0 to first chart in record time. It's never been easier to get your flat file loaded into OrgChart!

  • Updated Administrative Menus - Easily find the settings you need in one place, including a new dedicated space for editing chart backgrounds.

  • Dedicated Background Editor - Easily add elements, such as your company logo, page numbers, legends, and tables to the background of your chart.

  • Formula Reference Tables - Use an independent reference/lookup table to drive calculations based on other field values.

  • Picklist Field Type - Define 'valid' field values for a given field.

  • ADP Integrations - Support for ADP Next Generation HCM (Lifion) direct integration. Enhanced oAUTH2.0 security interface with ADP.

  • Sage 300 ZA API - Create OrgChart with a direct API connection to Sage 300 ZA.

  • DEI Field Handling - Pull pronouns from ADP, and other DEI related fields directly from your HR system. Not in your source data? Easily add the fields you'd like to see and display, so that your org has access to the right information, whenever they may need it.

  • SAP XML and RFC Extra Fields - Pull extra fields associated with the Job Object with SAP integrations.

  • File Manager Upgrades - More intuitive and streamlined experience with file & folder management.

  • Simplified Product Terminology - Substituted jargon with more straightforward and simple terminology.

  • Chart Builder Enhancements - Modernized user interface and streamlined workflow, so that you can easily build and customize the charts you want, whenever you want to.

  • UI Enhancements - Clean and refined menus, alerts, and loading screens.

Enterprise Enhancements
  • Intuitive Planning - Additional way to move boxes in the planning module via drag & drop. You'll still get to confirm and review your move just like before.

  • Plan Builder Enhancements - Simplified the look and feel of Plan Builder, so that you start planning.

  • Constrained Picklist Alert - Add a Constrained Picklist field to your plan, in order to flag records with values outside of the specified parameters. Then, easily edit those records to ensure data is consistent.

A host of bugfixes, quality of life improvements, and streamlining.

Version 5.2.2 - Released on March 18, 2022
  • Notification Center - In-app messages to help end-users stay up-to-date with product upgrades and general account information

  • Mobile Support - New, dedicated interface for mobile users

  • Test Authentication - Test credentials to make HR system integration setup easier

  • Breadcrumbs - Show the tree down to your current box within the top toolbar

  • Default Access Group - Set the access group that manually created users are assigned by default

  • Enumerated Tables - Quickly build large tables of rollups and company metrics

  • Dynamic Highlighting - Easily highlight employees on the fly without editing your views

  • Merge File Upgrades - Quickly and easily make bulk changes to your data

  • SSO Improvements - Enhancements to Single Sign On, including disabling non-SSO logins

  • Directory Enhancements - Set Directory mode to show all employee records by default

Enterprise Enhancements
  • Position Management - Model your organization's position structure

A host of bugfixes, quality of life improvements, and streamlining.