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OrgChart 2020

This article lists all the release notes for OrgChart, as denoted by revision number. This isn't a comprehensive list of every fix in the build, but rather a highlight reel of interesting new features, important fixes, and any significant updates we want you to know about.

2020 Release Notes

Version 5.1.4 - Released December 25, 2020
  • Chain of Command Mode - Allow end user to turn on/off chain of command display in Viewer. Enterprise only

  • Improved Collaborative Planning - Ability to insert/remove subchart breaks. Field level conflict resolution. Enterprise only

  • Card View - Alternate visualization of org chart as series of baseball cards. Enterprise only

  • Symbol Library - Library of 100 predefined symbols that can be added to boxes (e.g. Star Performer or Flight Risk).

  • Improved User Interface - New, more refined icons in the user interface.

  • Branch Level Security Enhancements - Branch level security supports additional uses (delegation of branch and branch access list). Enterprise only

  • Row Level Security Enhancements - Support for additional boolean logic ('Self + subordinates' AND 'Departments A, B and C'). Enterprise only

  • Multi-tenant access - Single email address can be used to log into multiple tenants on same server.

  • Enhanced URL Generator - Ability for customer administrator to setup restricted links (without having to contract OrgChart technical support). Enterprise only

  • Improved SFTP support - Ability to pull from customer's SFTP server. Enterprise only

  • Single Sign On Enhancements - Improved field mapping from SAML Assertion. SAML Assertion can control or deny access to OrgChart. Enterprise only

  • Improved UltiPro Integration - Support for UltiPro Applicant Tracking.

  • Improved Trinet Integration - Trinet connector support added to OrgChart Viewer configuration. Enterprise only

  • Improved Enterprise Data Refresh - Administrator now has access to additional diagnostic information when refreshes fail. Enterprise only

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements.

Version 5.1.3 - Release October 23, 2020
  • High Resolution Rendering - On high resolution monitors/devices, the rendering quality of the user interface and org charts is greatly improved.

  • Enhanced PDF/PPT Export for Collaborative Planning - Include timeline for changes in right margin Enterprise only - Collaborative Planning

  • Field Validation in Planning - Field types are enforced when updating field values (e.g. valid numbers and dates) Enterprise only - Collaborative Planning

  • Improved Import Filtering - Filter on dates (e.g. greater or less than on a date) Enterprise only

  • Improved Static Formulas - Better support for formulas based on dates (convert start date to years of tenure) Enterprise only

  • Display OrgChart Documents in Viewer - Documents created in Workbench can be loaded into Viewer. This only applies to documents created using chart builder. Enterprise only

  • Launch into Directory Mode - On application launch, the end user can optionally be presented with the directory (as opposed to the org chart mode). Enterprise only

  • Enhanced Workbench Delete - When a box (that is the top of a subchart break) is deleted, the user can choose whether to delete 'only the box' or the 'box plus the associated branch.'

  • Improved Chart Builder Configuration - Administrator can enable option to dynamically apply selected chart template when editing in Workbench Enterprise only

  • Enhanced Chart Builder Filtering - Improved user interface for 'In List' function. Enterprise only

  • Lever Connector - Applicant Tracking System data from Lever can now be appended to main data source Enterprise only

  • PeopleHR Connector Enhancements - PeopleHR connector now available in Enterprise Enterprise only

  • BreatheHR Connector Enhancements - BreatheHR connector now available in Enterprise Enterprise only

  • Box Layout Editor Improvements - Ability to update free text in box layout editor.

  • Enhanced Chart Template Editor - Rule can now be duplicated.

  • Improved Matrix Report - Matrix reports can optionally include subordinates (Administrator setting) Enterprise only

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 5.1.1 - Released on September 4, 2020
  • Effective Dates - Set effective date for a plan change (add/edit/move or delete) Enterprise only - Collaborative Planning

  • Timeline View - Sequential list of all changes made to a plan (sorted by date) Enterprise only - Collaborative Planning

  • Improved Plan Administration - Allow administrator to manage all plans (e.g. reassign plan owner) Enterprise only - Collaborative Planning

  • Collaborative Planning Module - General enhancements to usability

  • Salesforce Connector - Enterprise support for Salesforce as a data source Enterprise only

  • Sage Connector - Enterprise support for Sage as a data source Enterprise only

  • Oracle Cloud Connector - Enterprise support for Oracle Cloud as a data source (includes photos) Enterprise only

  • OrangeHRM Connector - Enterprise support for OrangeHRM as a data source Enterprise only

  • Enhanced Filters - "Hidden" filters allow for calculations that include excluded boxes. Filters can be set "on" by default Enterprise only

  • BambooHR Connector Enhancements - User can easily include custom fields from BambooHR Enterprise only

  • Signify Connector Enhancements - Photo support Enterprise only

  • ADP Connector Enhancements - Specify custom 'employee search' (for Workforce Now). Detailed data pull (for Vantage and ADP Enterprise) allows access to custom fields.

  • Multi-chart document publish - Generate single PDF/PPT from a multi-chart document

  • Improved matrix reporting - Support for multiple matrix managers. User can map field(s) used for matrix reporting Enterprise only

  • Inverted charts - User can invert a chart (supported in both Viewer and Workbench)

  • Sub-chart Enhancements - User can control how subcharts are ordered in Viewer (subchart panel) and in PDF/PPT exported. User can pick field used for subchart name Enterprise only

  • Portal Integration Enhancements - Launch into Directory Mode Enterprise only

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 5.1.1 - Released on July 7, 2020
  • Improved Performance - Various dialog/panels are now much more responsive.

  • Collaborative Planning Module - Preview release. Multiple people can collaboratively create workforce plans - updates to plans are shared in real-time. Enterprise only

  • Enhanced PPT/PPF Publishing - Uniform scaling option forces same scale factor for all pages in export.

  • Enhanced Photo Handling - Additional photo size options and automatic conversion to 'gray scale' (for photos).

  • Enhanced ADP Enterprise (EV5) Connector - More employee records fields now available from EV5. Enterprise only

  • Improved "Point in Time" Module - Better delta reports. Enterprise only

  • Improved SAP RFC Connector - Import custom fields from SAP. Enterprise only

  • Improved Greenhouse Connector - Greenhouse connector can now append open positions to any HR connector. Enterprise only

  • Improved Namely Connector - Expanded field set, faster performance and more reliable. Enterprise only

  • Improved Data Aggregation - Improved handling of complex use cases. For example, combine HR, ATS (Application Tracking System) and custom overrides into a single org chart. Enterprise only

  • Make Top Function - Right click in viewer on any box to view box as top of subchart.

  • Lucca Connector - Build or enhance charts using Azure AD data. Enterprise only

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 5.1 - Released on May 29, 2020
  • Level Charts - Vertically position boxes based on criteria (e.g. management level of employee determines horizontal lane where box is placed)

  • Photo pre-loading - Photos are cached from HR Source during off business hours. Faster page load and faster export to PDF/PPT. Enterprise/Premium only

  • Streamlined Enterprise Configuration - Many improvements to user interface (example, enhanced file picker in Chart Settings | Source) Enterprise only

  • Enhanced SubscribeHR connector - Utilizes new SubscribeHR interface. An expanded set of fields can be queried. Enterprise only

  • Azure AD connector - Build or enhance charts using Azure AD data. Enterprise only

  • Enhanced iCIMS connector - faster performance, support for custom fields and user defined filters. Enterprise only

  • Enhanced BambooHR connector - Expanded set of fields can be queried included querying secondary/custom tables. Enterprise only

  • Oracle Cloud Photos - Query photos directly from Oracle Cloud. Enterprise only

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 5.0.3 - Released on April 24, 2020
  • PDF/PPT Performance Enhancements - Charts with local photos (uploaded to OrgChart Server) publish up to 3X faster

  • Streamlined Enterprise Configuration - Improved user interface - less clicks required to setup

  • Pie Chart Master Page Element - Add pie charts into headers and footers (e.g. Pie chart of different locations)

  • Enterprise Performance Enhancements - Data refresh (in Viewer) is up to 20X faster for charts that include calculations

  • Additional Formulas (in Viewer) - Max, Min and Map functions are now available in configuration UI

  • Connector enhancements - BambooHR connector is now included in Enterprise configuration

  • Improved Search - Improved UI for search panel and directory

  • Include orphans + Chart Builder Handling - Option to pull orphan records into the Workbench parking lot (when using Chart Builder)

  • Hundreds of bug fixes and small enhancements

Version 5.0.2 - Released on March 13, 2020
  • OrgChart Viewer Optimization - Faster chart loading/navigation

  • Performance Optimization - Viewing/Panning large single page charts significantly faster

  • Improved Grouping - Within conditional formatting, you can now set the minimum group size (e.g. avoid automatically creating small groups)

  • Default levels shown - In OrgChart Viewer, you can now set the default number of level shown for a specific chart.

  • User Impersonation - An administrator can now impersonate a user in order troubleshoot an issue or verify security role.

  • Ceridian Dayforce Connector - Directly query Dayforce to create organizational charts

  • Improved dynamic filters - You can now 'Include filtered managers' when applying a dynamic filter (for example, if you filter out contractors, contractor that manage permanent staff will not be dropped from the displayed chart). Also, manual changes to a chart will be preserved as different filters are applied.

  • Improved highlights - You can now toggle highlights in the Workbench (after using the Chart Builder).

  • Improved Internationalization - Chart Builder/OrgChart Viewer now support International (ISO 216) page sizes (A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4)

  • Dynamic Localization of Org Charts - Fields within chart boxes can be set to automatically translate based on user's language selection (e.g. a title shown in a chart box (or profile) will be translated to the selected language. Note: Customer must supply translations within source data (e.g. Title_EN and Title_FR fields in the data).

  • Improved System Administration - Improved user interface and various usability enhancements (for example, drop-down lists are now searchable if they contain a large number of items)

  • Branch Level Security - Limit access to branch of chart based on field value (e.g. limit to my department or business unit) or 'self + subordinates' (e.g. limit to a manager's branch)

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 5.0.1 - Released on January 24, 2020
  • Improved Drag & Drop: Massively upgraded planning & modeling capability in the workbench. Move branches with subchart breaks into the parking lot and back into the chart. Move boxes within the chart into subchart breaks.

  • Directory Mode: Search menu mode to quickly show employees. Customize the search fields and the results. (ENTERPRISE ONLY)

  • Point In Time Module: Automatically archive your data on a set schedule. Create charts from an effective archive date. Create delta reports, and automatic email notifications of changes in your data. (ENTERPRISE ONLY)

  • Index Page: View your OrgChart in an index view to quickly locate employees in the tool. Automatically append an index to your PDF or PPT exports.

  • Embeddable Search Widget: Add a customizable search widget to your intranet page linked to your OrgChart account. Securely search for people and open OrgChart to chart them. (ENTERPRISE ONLY)

  • Improved custom field support: OrgChart can now retrieve a custom report defined by the end user, allowing users to add their own custom fields to OrgChart.

  • Improved highlighting support: View your highlights in image or document (PDF & PPT) exports.

  • Viewer Settings UI cleanup & Chart Builder UI rework. (ENTERPRISE ONLY)

  • Restrict Query now supported by the Chart Builder (Enterprise Only) and many workbench connectors.

  • Massive number of bug fixes and improvements.