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OrgChart Help Guide



The Subcharts panel allows users to navigate within an org chart using a tree control interface.

This is useful for navigating quickly between branches, as well as between islands of records that may be disconnected from the main tree.


Administrators can configure the naming convention and sort order of Subcharts in the Chart Settings: Subcharts & Shortcuts panel. Admins can click on the 5_2_1_BlueGear_nofill.png icon in the top left corner of the Subcharts menu, in order to easily access this configuration area.

Accessing Subcharts

  1. Click on the Subcharts icon in the Top Toolbar while in Viewer, View Manager, Workbench, or Planning mode in order to jump that branch.


Subcharts Panel Functions

Select Tree

Click to navigate between different trees of your organization that do not connect to the main tree.

The tree name, as well as the total number of records that belong to that tree (headcount) are displayed in this dropdown menu.


This option is only available in Viewer, and will only appear if there are disconnected trees in your dataset.

Navigate to Branch

Click on any row in the Subcharts panel.

Expand/Collapse the tree

Click the +/- icon to the left of a row.