Executive Summary

Our company workplace security policy outlines our guidelines and provisions for protecting assets in our offices. For this reason, we have implemented a number of security measures.

This policy applies to all our employees, contractors and partners who have permanent or temporary access to our offices.


Review the Information Security Training and Cybersecurity Program articles to make sure you are familiar with topics covered.

Building Access

In order to access the building during non-business hours, you will need a key fob. Contact your office manager to request a key fob. Protect the key fob as you would protect your own keys. If you lose your key fob, immediately report loss to your office manager. Your office manager can deactivate lost key fobs.

Office Access

Office access requires a physical key. Contact your office manager to request an office key. Do not make duplicates of your key. Protect the key fob as you would protect your own keys. If you lose your key, immediately report loss your office manager.

Make sure to lock office doors if you are the last to leave the office.

Guest (Visitor) Access

Guests must be accompanied at all times. If you see an unaccompanied person in the office, it is your responsibility to question that person as to why they are in the office. Immediately report any suspicious activity to your office manager. Contact police immediately if you feel threatened in any way.

Guests must sign a log book to enter or exit office facility. A valid ID (e.g. driver license) must be shown at the front desk to verify identity.