Two editions of OrgChart Now are available - Standard and Team. See comparison below.

Item Standard Team Enterprise Details
Import Wizard X X X The Import Wizard turns your HR data into perfectly formatted Org Charts. Import data directly from Excel, SQL Server or HRIS’ like ADP Workforce Now, BambooHR, PeopleHR, UltiPro.
Automatic Chart Refresh X X X Click once to automatically synchronize your Org Charts with your HR data. Spend minutes not days every time you need to update your charts.
Cloud Connectors X X X Cloud connectors allow you to import data directly from your HR System or database. No need to import/export spreadsheets.
Built-in Template Library X X X Use one of the built-in professional quality chart templates to automatically format your org charts.
Publish to PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF and PPT X X X Convert your charts into professional quality documents with just a couple of clicks.
Embed live HTML charts in your website or portal X X X Publish org charts to your web site or intranet.
Employee photos X X X Include employee photos in your org charts. Photos can be uploaded or referenced via hyperlinks.
Customize chart presentation X X X Customize your charts to meet your exact requirements. You have full control over all presentation parameters.
Break charts into multiple pages X X X Use the subchart wizard to automatically break charts up into multiple pages.
Drag & Drop Workforce Planning X X X Use drag & drop tools to create scenarios. Use built-in or custom formulas to find the optimal structure for your organization.
Collaboration X X X Multiple users can work together to update and review charts. Never worry about reviewing out-of-date charts again.
Conditional Formats X X X Automatically format boxes using data driven rules. For example, you can highlight contract employees or vacant positions using conditional formats.
Add calculations and custom fields X X X Include formulas such as headcount or span of control in your org charts. Add an unlimited number of custom fields.
Tables, Legends, 9-Box Grids and Labels X X X Add tables, legends, 9-Box Grids and text labels to your charts.
TSL/SSL (HTTPS) X X X TSL/SSL create an encrypted link between your computer and our servers.
Software Updates X X X All subscriptions include software updates - added features and functionality are available at no additional cost.
Technical Support X X X All subscriptions include access to technical support via email or phone.
Access Groups and Private Folders X X X Access Groups allow you to control access at the folder level. Use Access Groups to secure org charts containing sensitive information.
Read Only Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Read only accounts allow users to print, publish, search and view org charts.
Read/Write/Administrative Users 2 5 20+ Read/Write Users can create and edit org charts and workforce plans. Add additional R/W users to Standard or Team as needed.
Combine Data Sources X X Combine data from one or more sources (for example, Active Directory and UltiPro or an Excel spreadsheet and ADP data) to create your charts.
SFTP drop folder X X Quickly upload a large number of files to your Org Chart Now account. For example, you can quickly upload hundreds or even thousands of employee photos.
Single Sign On X X Launch OrgChart Now directly from your portal or application Dashboard. No need to remember another user name and password. Works with any SAML Identity Provider.
Scheduled refresh from source data X X Schedule charts to automatically update daily, weekly or monthly.
Advanced user management X X Automatically create logins for large user populations (e.g. hundreds of users).
Role based security X X Control access to sensitive data based on the user's role (e.g. a manager can see performance ranking for subordinates only).
Check in/Check out X X Lock document during edit (useful for collaboration). Others users can view but not edit locked documents.
On Premise Deployment X X If required, OrgChart Now can be installed in your data center. Contact us for more details. This option is only available for Team 500 or greater.