Three editions of OrgChart are available - Standard, Team and Enterprise. See comparison below.

Item Standard Team Enterprise Details
Software Updates X X X All subscriptions include software updates.
Technical Support X X X All subscriptions include technical support via email and phone.
Read Only Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Read only accounts allow users to print, publish, search and view org charts.
Read/Write/Administrative Users 2 5 20+ Read/Write Users can create and edit org charts and workforce plans.
Rule Driven Formatting X X X Use Conditional Formats to automatically format chart boxes.
Add calculations X X X Include formulas such as headcount or span of control in your org charts.
Tables, Legends, 9-Box Grids and Labels X X X Add additional elements to make to your chart easier to consume.
Drag & Drop Workforce Planning X X X Use drag & drop tools to create scenarios and plan for the future.
Paginate charts X X X Use the subchart wizard to automatically break charts up into multiple pages.
Built-in Template Library X X X Use one of the built-in professional quality chart templates to automatically format your org charts.
Export to XLS, PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF and PPT X X X Convert your charts into professional quality documents with just a couple of clicks.
Embed live HTML charts in your website or portal X X X Publish org charts to your web site or intranet.
Employee photos X X X Include employee photos in your org charts.
Customize chart presentation X X X Customize your charts to meet your exact requirements. You have full control over all presentation parameters.
Cloud Connectors X X X Cloud connectors allow you to import data directly from your HR System or database.
Import Wizard X X X The Import Wizard turns your HR data into perfectly formatted Org Charts.
Scheduled Refresh X X Automatically synchronize charts hourly, daily or weekly.
Single Sign On X X Launch OrgChart directly from your portal or application Dashboard. Works with any SAML Identity Provider.
Combine Data Sources X X Combine data from one or more sources.
Custom Data Sources X X Connect to proprietary data sources.
Access Groups X X Control feature access and charts access (using folder level security).
On Premise Deployment X X If required, OrgChart can be installed in your data center. Contact us for more details. This option is only available for Team or Enterprise 1000 or greater.
Role Based Security X Row and branch level security. Granular control over who sees what.
Unlimited Scale X Chart organizations of any size (100,000+ employees). Enterprise tier is recommended for any organization that is over 1,000 employees.
Chart Builder X Build custom org charts for any branch of your organization with just a few clicks. Designed for deployment to hundreds or thousands of end users.
Dynamic Filters X Include/exclude records from charts in real-time (e.g. include/exclude open positions - include/exclude contractors)
Point in Time Charts X Use the chart builder to query for the structure of the organization on a given day.
Collaborative Planning X Multiple planners working simultaneously on a plan. Track changes on a per user basis.