OrgChart Now User Interface

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The OrgChart Now interface is designed to provide a user experience similar to Microsoft applications such as Excel and PowerPoint. Since most users are familiar with Microsoft products, this reduces the learning curve and allows users to get comfortable with OrgChart Now quickly. The guiding design principle behind OrgChart Now's user interface is the Ribbon (or Fluent) User Interface introduced in Microsoft Office 2007.

Because OrgChart Now is 100% HTML5, the OrgChart Now user interface provides all the benefits of both a web application AND a conventional desktop application.

The user interface:

  • Provides a dynamic, interactive drag & drop experience (like you find in desktop applications such as Visio, PowerPoint and Excel)
  • Requires no installations (runs directly in all modern browsers)
  • Requires no browser plugs (as in ZERO)
  • Software updates are automatic - you are always on the latest release
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