User Accounts

There are four types of user accounts.

  1. Read Only - Can view, navigate, search and optionally publish and export charts
  2. Portal - Shared "read only" account that is accessed from a link in company intranet
  3. Read/Write - Can create and modify charts
  4. Administrator - Can create and modify charts. Also has access to administrator functions (such as manage users and security setup)

For information on how to add, delete and update user accounts see the User Management topic.

Feature Portal Read Only Read/Write Administrator
Login required (or Single Sign On) X X X
View and Navigate Charts X X X X
Search Charts X X X X
Publish Charts (PDF, PPT, Print) Optional Optional X X
Export Charts to Excel Optional Optional X X
Access Employee Profiles (Details) Optional Optional X X
Access multiple charts Optional Optional X X
Switch views (different presentations) Optional Optional X X
Import external data X X
Refresh Charts X X
Manually create charts X X
Modeling and Planning X X
Modify/create templates (and views) X X
Add calculations to charts X X
Modify charts (add, move, delete, update boxes) X X
Manage User Accounts X
Manage Folder Access (Access Groups) X
Manage Access Privileges X
Available Seats Unlimited Unlimited Limited1 Limited1

1Subscription determines number of seats availablle

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