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Tutorial 8 - Reorganizing a Chart

This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to move boxes around in your chart.

  • Select the FILE tab and then click on the OPEN button. Click on the folder called TUTORIALS. Double-click on the file called TUTORIAL 8.
  • First, let's show how to do a promotion. Start by selecting the MOVE BOX tool.
  • Drag Jonathan Miller's box (located on the third level) over Sanako Han's box (top box). Release the mouse button when you see a green arrow below Sanako's box. Jonathan now reports to Sanako.
  • Next, let's show how to reorder peers.
  • Drag Jonathan's box over Justin Zicero's box until you see a left facing green arrow. Release the mouse button. Jonathan is now positioned to the left of Justin.
  • You can also move entire branches.
  • Drag David Gipe's box over Jonathan's box until you see a green arrow below Jonathan's box. Release the mouse button. Notice that David's team continues to report to him even though his manager has changed.

Congratulations! You've reorganized your team.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the 'Delete' key or 'Delete' tool to remove boxes from the chart.
  • When finished with the 'Move Box' tool, click anywhere on the background to return to the 'Select' tool mode.
  • You can use the 'Parking Lot' as a temporary place to hold boxes while you restructure any org chart.