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Tutorial 5 - Publishing a Chart

This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to publish a chart.

  • Select the FILE tab and then click on the OPEN button. Click on the folder called TUTORIALS. Double-click on the file called TUTORIAL 5.
  • First, let's make sure the PAGE PROPERTIES are correct. You can adjust minimum page size, margins and orientation using the Page Properties panel.
  • Make sure the EDIT CHART tab is selected. Click on the PROPERTIES tool.
  • Set the MARGINS to Narrow so that there is less white space around the chart. Click OK.
  • Select the SHARE tab. Click on the PUBLISH tool.
  • Click on the PDF button and then select ENTIRE CHART. A PDF file will be downloaded to your computer.

Congratulations! Your chart is now published to PDF.

Tips and Tricks

  • See the Publish Chart topic for more information on available output formats.
  • Use the PNG option to create a file that can be inserted into a Word or PowerPoint document.