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Tutorial 3 - Using the Import Wizard

This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to automatically create an org chart from an Excel file.

  • Select the FILE tab and then click on IMPORT button. Select the EXCEL option.
  • Click on the IMPORT DATA button. Click on the folder called SAMPLES. Double-click on the file called SAMPLE DATA.
  • After the data is loaded, the FILTER DATA step is displayed. Optionally, you can import a sub-set of your data file by defining a filter (e.g. Department = 'Marketing'). For this tutorial, click the NEXT button to import the entire file.
  • DEFINE FIELDS step: Usually ORGCHART NOW automatically selects the required fields for you; however, if your data contains different field naming conventions, you can manually select the mappings. Click on the NEXT button when done.
  • SUBCHART BREAKS step: Optionally, you can break your chart into multiple pages (this is recommended for over 50 boxes). Select DO NOT INSERT BREAKS option and then click on the NEXT button.
  • SELECT CHART TEMPLATE step: Select any chart template.
  • Finally the MASTER PAGE step is displayed. Select the STANDARD MASTER PAGE option and then click on the CREATE CHART button.

Congratulations! You've automatically created an org chart.

Tips and Tricks

  • Visit the Import Wizard topic for more details.
  • Click on the SAMPLE button (in Step 1 of the Import Wizard) to download a sample Excel spreadsheet to your computer.
  • Visit the Subchart Wizard topic for more details on subcharts.
  • Don't forget to save when you are done creating a chart.