Two different transition packages are available (Level 1 and Level 2) - See table below for details of what is included in each package. Expert Services Packages may also be required for certain scenarios.

Typical scenarios where a transition package is applicable:

  1. New or existing hire that is now responsible for OrgChart Now Admin
  2. Switching from one HR system to another3
Deliverable Level 1 Level 2
Review of existing account setup by specialist X X
Verification of data source connection1 X X
Update user accounts2 X X
Web based training (1 or 2 sessions) X X
Connection to a new data source3 X
Mapping of existing charts to new source X
Review existing charts with stakeholders (and update per feedback) X

1Data source connection may no longer work as it may be associated with prior administrator
2Remove unused logins. Add logins for new users.
3For example, moving from UltiPro to ADP Workforce Now (or vice versa)