Text Alignment Group

The following options are available:

  • Vertical Alignment - Align the text to the top, middle or bottom of a cell
  • Horizontal Alignment - Align the text to the left, centre or right of a cell. 'Justify' aligns the field label on the left of the field and value on the right
  • Wrap Text - Wrap text to multiple lines if the text doesn't fit horizontally within a cell

Tips and Tricks

  • Use narrower boxes combined with text wrap to fit more boxes on the page horizontally
  • You may want to change the width of a cell (using the 'Box Layout Editor') if text wraps to too many lines
  • Use shift-click to select multiple cells (or boxes). Once selected, you can change text alignment for the entire selection
  • By default, text wrap uses spaces, dashes (e.g. Programmer-Analyst) and forward dashes (e.g. Programmer/Analyst) when breaking text into multiple lines.
  • You can define additional break characters (used for text wrapping) in the field manager panel