OrgChart Now Server Upgrade Guide

Intended Audience: This document is not relevant to customer using the cloud service.

Introduction: This document details how to upgrade OrgChart Now to a newer release on an existing server. This document is recommended for someone who already has some experience with Windows Server 2012

Before you begin:

  1. Make sure OfficeWork Software (or distributor) has supplied you with a link to installer zip file. Contact moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro for more information.

Remote Login

  1. From your computer, Remote Login to your Server

Install OrgChart Now

  1. Copy the ‘’ file to your server and unzip to your C: drive
  2. Delete the ‘OCNInstall’ folder from C:\ (if it already exists)
  3. Right click on the file
  4. Select Extract All…
  5. Set the directory path to C:\ when prompted in unzip
  6. Install OrgChart Now
    1. Launch Powershell (or similar)
    2. Type ‘cd “C:\OCNInstall” <return>
    3. Type ‘python <version>” <return> [Check inside the OCNInstall folder to find the version] [Example: python OCN28] (See Note below for additional options)
    4. Examine the output and see if the install completed successfully. If not, correct the issue and re-run the (see previous step). Usually the issues are related to the ‘ocn_config.xml’ file

Note: Additional install options:

  • To install on a drive on the the C: drive use the -d option (e.g. python -d D <version>).
  • To turn off 'auto login checkbox' add the -f autologoff (e.g. python -f autologoff <version>).

Update Python Modules

  1. Launch Powershell (or similar)
  2. Type ‘cd “C:\OCNInstall” <return>
  3. Type ‘pip install -r pymodules.txt' <return>
  4. If you get an error, contact moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro.

Upgrade is complete!

Test by launching your browser and typing http://<yourserver>.com – this should launch OrgChartNow (showing the login screen).

Note 1: If you to configure the Refresh Scheduler please refer Refresh Scheduler Setup topic.

Note 2: If upgrade fails, you may need to additional Python Modules - see Install Python Modules section in Server Setup topic.