OrgChart Now Server Requirements


In order to install OrgChart Now as an on premise solution you will need to provision a dedicated Windows Server.

This document is not relevant to customer using the cloud service.

Server Requirements

Both virtual servers and physical servers are supported.

Operating System

Windows Server 2012R2 or later (e.g. 2016 or 2019)


  • 4GB for Standard or Team Version
  • 8GB if charting more than 5,000 employees (minimum Enterprise version)
  • 16GB if charting more than 50,000 employees


  • 100GB of free space
  • 500GB for more than 50,000 employees


2+ CPUs recommended if charting more than 5,000 employees (or Enterprise version)

Other Requirements

The following additional requirements should also be considered.

  • A DNS entry for the server (e.g.
  • A SSL certificate for the server (wildcard or standard)
  • An email account for delivery of system notifications (e.g. moc.ynapmocruoy|strahcgro#moc.ynapmocruoy|strahcgro)

Email Address Details

  • Email address is used to send notifications such as ‘Password Resets’ and ‘Data Refresh Notifications’
  • OfficeWork Software can supply an email address for you (for a small additional fee).
  • We will need the following information to
    • SMTP Address of your email server (e.g.
    • Email Address (e.g. moc.ynapmocruoy|strahcgro#moc.ynapmocruoy|strahcgro)
    • Email Password