Some on-premise customers may want to enable the refresh scheduler. The refresh scheduler automatically updates charts on a daily or weekly schedule.


Setup Procedure

  1. Remote login to your server
  2. Create a Windows account (using User Accounts) - (Use a name such as 'OCNService')
    • Password should be set to not expire
    • Account must have administrative privileges
  3. Install AlwaysUp on your server
  4. In Windows Explorer, navigate to ‘C:\OCNInstall\OCNXXX\PXApp\Modules’
  5. Unzip the
  6. Copy the ChromeDriver.exe file to the C:\Python27 folder
  7. Launch AlwaysUp application
  8. Add an Application (green +)
  9. Configure 'General' tab as follows
    • Application: C:\Python27\python.exe
    • Arguments: C:\PXApp\Serverside\
    • Start in directory: C:\PXApp\Serverside
    • Start Application: Automatically, when the computer boots
    • Set the priority to: Normal
  10. Configure 'Logon' tab as follows
    • Select 'Instead of running the application…' check box
    • Enter the username & password created earlier (see step 2 above)
    • Check the ‘When a user logs on, don’t show the application’s window and tray icons (if any)’ checkbox
  11. Configure Restart tab as follows:
    • Select the ‘Immediately’ option
  12. Optionally, setup the Email tab to send notifications
  13. Click Save »
  14. Start the ‘OrgChart Now Scheduler’ application in AlwaysUp. State should go to 'Running' after starting the application.

Note: Replace C: with correct drive letter is any components are located on a drive other than C:

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