Use rules to define conditional formats, conditional counts and to detect assistants.


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Defining Conditions

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Advanced Features

Date Comparison

Referencing the current division in multi-chart documents

When using multi-chart documents, you can create a condition that detects if a box is in the current division. Sometimes boxes that are not in a division are included in a chart because they are required to keep the hierarchy intact.

For example:

  1. Department field is used to split source data into a multi-chart document.
  2. Create (or modify) a Chart Template
  3. In the template, add a rule
    1. Set the rule to Department equals [Division]1
    2. Set Box Property to color the box background to 'green'
  4. Apply the Chart Template
  5. Notice all boxes in the 'Division' are highlighted green (boxes not in the current division are not highlighted)

1[Division] resolves to the name of the current division (see Subcharts Panel)