Parking Lot

The 'Parking' panel provides a storage area for records that are not linked to an org chart. These records are called orphan records.

Use Cases

  • If you need to import data that does not contain hierarchy fields (for example, your data only contains name and title fields), you can drag records from the parking lot into a chart
  • If your import data contains an incomplete hierarchy (orphan records), you can drag orphans from the parking lot into the chart
  • If you are reorganizing a department, you can use the parking lot to temporarily store records as you determine where they should be placed in a chart.

Accessing the Parking Panel

  • Click on the 'Show Panels' button if the right hand panel is not already shown
  • Select the 'Parking' tab (at the bottom of the right panel)

Managing the Parking Lot

  • Navigate down one level - The parking lot can contain managers. Double click on a manager to drill down to their subordinates
  • Navigate up one level - Navigate one level up the hierachy
  • Delete Orphan - Delete the selected orphan(s) from the parking lot
  • Search - Search for a specific record within the parking lot
  • Add box(es) to the parking lot - Select the 'Move Box' tool and then drag a box from the chart into the parking lot
  • Move a record to the chart - Click on a record (in the parking lot) and then drag it over a box (in the chart). When you release the mouse button, the record (and any subordinates) will be added to the chart. Green arrows indicate whether the record will be placed as a peer or a subordinate

Tips and Tricks

  • After moving records from the parking lot to your chart, apply a 'Chart Template' to format the added boxes.