You can adjust the minimum page size, page margin and page orientation using the Page Properties panel.

Minimum Page Size

Use the page size radio buttons to select a minimum page size.

Size PDFs to Current Page

Published PDF documents will be sized using the dimensions of the current page. This option is recommended for charts that don't easily fit on a printed page.

Page Margins

Use the margins radio buttons to select the desired page margin. You can also set a custom margin if needed.

Page Orientation

Use the orientation radion button to select Landscape or Portrait orientation.

Header and Footer

Use the header/footer radio buttons to set the header/footer height.

Tips and Tricks

  • OrgChart NOW will automatically resize the page as your chart increases or decreases in size.
  • You can hide/show margin lines and header/footer lines using the corresponding checkbox in the Page Properties panel.
  • The Page Optimization topic gives tips on how to fit a large number of boxes on a page.