Page Optimization

Getting your org chart to fit on a single page can be difficult. This topic provides some guidance on how to optimize your org chart to fit on a single page.

Start by using the 'Optimize Page' button to automatically optimize the branch styles on the current page. You can then refine the page layout using some of the tips below:

  • Make sure 'Text Wrap' is set to 2 or more lines and then resize boxes so that they are narrower.
  • Use a smaller font size or try a different font (for example, 'Times' is narrower than 'Georgia').
  • Select 'Dense' box spacing.
  • Abbreviate long names and titles (for example, replace 'Manager' with 'Mgr').
  • Try different branch styles - for example select a 'Two Column' style instead of a 'One Column' branch style (level 3 and below only).
  • Move boxes with no subordinates between boxes with subordinates. Reference 'Peer Optimization' sample chart.
  • Try different 'assistant' branch styles (for example, 'Assistant Peer Right' versus 'Assistant Right'.)
  • Try 'One Column Center' instead of 'One Column' styles.
  • Use borderless boxes with a single field (usually name) at the lowest chart level. Reference 'IT Department' sample chart.