New employee and contractor onboarding is required to make sure staff have the appropriate training and equipment to perform their job functions. Also, it is required to make sure that employees review and acknowledge various agreements that are put in place to protect both their employer and their employer's customers.


Applies to all staff.

General Policy

1. Employee is required to docusign to acknowledge that they agree to and are aware of:

2. Employee is required to complete trainings as specified by their supervisor. All employee must complete:

3. System Access - Supervisor will work with IT to grant appropriate access to all systems required to perform job function

4. Equipment - Supervisor will work with IT to issue all required equipment (e.g. laptop)

5. Background Checks - All staff whose job function requires access to customer data shall require a background check. Background checks shall be kept on file. See Background Check Policy for details.


The procedure for onboarding employees is IT_Onboarding.