Navigation Bar

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The navigation bar provides access to top level functionality and commonly used functions. The navigation bar is located at the top of the user interface.


Left Controls

  • Browse Mode Button - Toggle between the Edit mode and the Browse mode. The Browse mode allows you to focus on the current chart by hiding user interface elements used to edit the chart.
  • Save Button - Save any changes to the current chart.
  • Undo/Redo Buttons - Undo or redo last action.

Navigation Tabs

  • FILE - Chart documents are stored as files in your account. Use the FILE tab to create, import, open, save, close, upload and download files.
  • DOCUMENT - Options associated with a specific chart document (e.g Page Size, access privileges and field and formulas definitions).
  • REFRESH - Options associated with synchronizing your org chart with an external data source.
  • EDIT CHART - Edit the the current chart.
  • EDIT MASTER - Edit the current master page.
  • SUBCHARTS - Manage page breaks (also known as subchart breaks) in the current chart.
  • SHARE - Publish to PDF, PPT and other formats. Export to Excel. Share on the internet.
  • HELP - Navigation to various help resources.

Right Controls

  • Current User - The user id of the current user.
  • Administration Tools - Various administration tools (manage users, change password, etc.)
  • Sign Out Button - Sign out of OrgChart Now
  • The About Button - Details on your current subscription including software version, box limit, version and number of available read/write seats.
  • Show or Hide Panels - Panels allow you to search,navigate and view additional chart details. You can also update chart presentation using panels.
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