Multi-chart Documents

Optionally, you can store multiple independent charts within a single document. This is useful when you need a separate chart for each department/division within your organization.

Multi-chart Options

  • Split Using - Select the field used to break the chart into multiple charts (typically the department or division)
  • Handle multiple department heads - Automatically create a single chart for a department even if the department head is a member of a parent department
  • Add Executive Team - Automatically create a chart for the executive team even if the executive team members are designated in a subordinate department
  • Include Chain of Command - Include an additional level of management with each chart

Subchart Wizard

The subchart wizard automatically breaks a chart into multiple subcharts. Each page in the chart contains one subchart.

The following options are available:

  • Remove all breaks - Remove all subchart breaks.
  • Break by level - Break chart every N levels.
  • Break by field - Break chart using a field (for example, 'Department' or 'Business Unit').
  • Rename all breaks - Rename all subcharts.


  • Name using field - The selected field is used to name subcharts (usually the 'Name' or 'Department' field).
  • Break every - Select how many levels between breaks (only for 'Break by level' option).
  • Break on field - Use a field to determine where to place breaks (only for 'Break by field' option). For example, all employees in a given department will be grouped on the same page.
  • Minimum subs for break - Specify the minimum number of boxes required to insert a break. This options helps reduce the total number of pages in a chart.
  • Start breaks at - This option allows you to control how many levels are displayed on the first page of your chart.
  • Automatically break up large pages - This option automatically inserts extra breaks on pages that contain too many boxes.

Tips and Tricks

  • The multi-chart option is found in the Filter Data step of the Import Wizard
  • Multi-Chart documents are a good way to transition from a multi-tab Visio document