Field Manager

The Field Manager allows you to add, delete or update field definitions.
Each box in a chart is associated with a single record in the underlying database. Each record contains 1 or more fields. You can use the 'Box Layout Editor' to control how fields are displayed within a box.

Managing Fields

  • Add Field - Create a new field
  • Delete Field - Delete selected field(s) or formula(s)
  • Add Formula- Create a custom formula
  • Edit Formula - Edit a selected custom formula
  • Rename - Rename a field or formula

Field Type

Field can be set as Text, Number or Image

  • Setting a field as 'Text' allows you to define which characters are used for text wrapping. For example, you can break on the '@' sign for email addresses
  • Setting a field as a 'Number' allows you to specify how numbers are displayed. Display option include 'Number of Decimals', 'Prefix', 'Postfix', 'Show as Percentage', and 'Use 1000 Seperator'
  • Setting a field as 'Image" allows you to add images (such as employee photos) to your chart

Tips and Tricks

  • Optionally, field names can be displayed as labels in boxes (and the profile). Make sure to use descriptive names like 'Title' as apposed to 'Field1'
  • If a field cannot be renamed (e.g. you are using a data connector), you can set the 'Field Label' instead
  • Custom formulas can be used to add workforce analytics to your charts
  • Predefined formulas (such as headcount) can also be included in chart boxes
  • Use Prefix and Postfix for currency indicators. To display '100' as '$100 (USD)' set the Prefix to '$' and the Postfix to '(USD)'