You can add legends to your chart. Each legend contains one or more color coded legend entries. Once a legend has been inserted, it can be moved or resized in the same manner as other free floating objects.

Legends are available from the 'Extras' group.

Note that by adding a Legend to the front page of your chart, it will only be visible on the first page of your project.
To display the Legend on every page in your project, first switch to the Master Page.

To add a Legend:

  • Insert Legends from the 'Extra's' group
  • Select an area on the chart where the Legend should be placed.
    • It is best practise to use the 'Pin Object' function from the 'Editing' group to pin the object to a corner of the page

To edit the values of the legend, right click the Legend to select the 'Legend Editor'

  • Drag fields from the panel on the left into the Legend to make it visible
  • The Legend editor uses the same properties as the Box Layout Editor

Tips and Tricks

  • When using formula values in the Legend (e.g. headcount) the following options are available:
    • Right click the formula field to display values as needed:
      • Use Chart Top
        • The value (e.g. headcount) will include the current box and all subordinates when evaluating a count
      • Use Branch Top
        • The value (e.g. headcount) will include only direct reports when evaluating a count