Most subscriptions include at least one Professional Services offering. We recommend that all customers purchase an implementation package so that they can get up and running quickly.

Four different implementation packages are available (Level 0, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) - See table below for details of what is included in each package. Expert Services Packages may also be required for certain scenarios.

Deliverable Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Service Hours1 1hr 2hrs 4hrs 6+hrs
Configure connection to data source X X X X
Create data driven chart template(s)2 X X X X
Identify and help customer fix data issues (e.g. missing supervisor) X X X X
Automate assistant detection and formatting X X X X
Include employee photos X X X X
Setup masterpage (logos, page numbers, etc.) X X X X
Configure Data Refresh X X X X
Configure publish (to PDF/PPT) X X X X
Post Implementation Web Training X X X
Add Custom fields3 X X X
Configure data filters (e.g. exclude contractors from org charts) X X X
Add legend(s) X X X
Determine and implement best approach for pagination X X X
Configure Employee Profile X X X
Implement dotted-line and/or matrix relationships X X
Implement co-head, co-manager rules X X
Implement Function/People Charts X X
Implement Data Driven Shortcuts X X
Add workforce metrics (e.g. vacancy count or contractor count) X X
Setup Access Groups X X
Add tables to your charts4 X X
Setup SSO (Single Sign On)5 X X
Setup Automated Data Refresh X X
Create complex chart templates (over 10 rules) X X
On Premise Deployment6 X X
Override values and relationships (add, suppress, update or more) 7 X X
Portal Integration (embed charts in your intranet)8 X X
Applicant Tracking System Integration9 X
Configure Chart Builder10 X
Configure "Point in Time" Charts X
Combine/merge multiple data sources X
Customized data import11 X
Automated user provisioning X
Combine multiple data sources X
Custom data connector X
Custom photo query X
Advanced SSO setup X
Advanced Security (row level) X
Custom SSO method X
Custom Development X
Deploy Succession Planning, Workforce Planning or other process X

1Allocated service hours (includes training)
21 template for Level 0, Up to 3 templates for Level 1, Up to 5 for Level 2 or Level 3 packages
3Up to 3 custom fields for Level 1, Up to 8 for Level 2, up to 20 for Level 3 packages
4Add reference tables - for example, tables containing different counts - "vacancy count", "contractor count", "approved headcount" or "approved budget"
5For example, ADFS, ping identity, okta or onelogin (SAML 2.0 compatible)
61000 boxes or more subscription required
7For example, force a person to report to another manager or override a person's title
8Single embedded link for Level 2, Multiple links require Level 3
9Add vacancies from ATS' including greenhouse, iCIMS and Jobvite or from a flat file
10Simple interface for ad-hoc chart generation (configure chart templates, dynamic filters and masterpages)
11Pre-processing of data prior to import