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The FILE Ribbon is found in the Navigation Bar.

Chart documents are stored as files in your account. Use the FILE tab to create, import, open, save, close, upload and download files. You can create an unlimited number of chart documents in your account.


Org Charts Group

  • New Document - Create a blank OrgChart Now document.
  • Import Wizard - Create an org chart from an external data source such as an Excel spreadsheet or a query to an HR System.
  • Open Document - Open a document stored in your account.
  • Save Document - Save any changes to the current document.
  • Save As… - Save a copy of the current document.
  • Close Document - Close the current document.

Cloud Group

The File Manager allows you to upload and download files to/from your computer to your OrgChart Now account.

Connectors Group

Configure data source connectors. Connectors allows you to import data from external HR Systems.