OrgChart Now can create charts from data that represents a tree of departments with each department containing zero or more people. Another term used for department is OrgUnit (or OU). OrgUnits are the same as departments but must contain the 'DeptHead' (a.k.a. 'OrgUnit Chief') flag.

Data Format

Two files must be supplied in order to create an org chart:

  • Department file (Excel or CSV)
  • Person file (Excel or CSV)

Department File

The department file can contain any number of fields; however, it must contain, at a minimum, the following required fields:

  • DeptID – Unique identifier for each department
  • ParentDeptID – Unique identifier for department's parent department
  • DeptName – Department Name
  • DeptCode [Optional but recommended] – Department Code

Department File Example

DeptID ParentDeptID DeptName DeptCode
100 Executive EXC
200 100 Research RES

Empty departments are handled (e.g. department with no people assigned to it).

Person File

The person file can contain any number of fields; however, it must contain, at a minimum, the following required/optional fields:

  • PersonID – Unique identifier for each person or position (typically an employee number or ID)
  • DeptID – The ID of the department the person belongs to.
  • DeptHead [Optional - See discussion below] - Flag to signal a person is head of a department (Yes/No).
  • Name – Employee name
  • Title – Employee title

See the Data Preparation topic for additional information on fields that can be included in the person file.

Person File Example:

PersonID DeptID DeptHead Name Title
1 100 Yes Steve Smith CEO
2 100 No Sonia Stevens Executive Assistant
3 200 Yes Sandra Chen VP Research
4 300 Yes George Lopez VP Marketing
5 310 Yes Allen McDavid Communications Director
6 300 No Arnold Osborne Marketing Analyst

Department Head Flag

If the department head flag is not included then all members of a department will be considered 'Department Heads.'

With the DeptHead flag, the resulting org chart is:


Without the department head flag, the resulting org chart is as follows (notice DeptID 300 has two heads - George and Arnold):


Department Tree Presentation

Alternate presentations for the org chart is also possible (Departments and People shown). Assumption below is that the 'Department Head' flag is included.

With child departments reporting to department head:


With child departments always reporting to parent department (recommended):