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The agenda is as follows:

# Topic Description
1 Connector Configuration or Data Preparation Data Connectors
2 Importing your data Import Wizard
3 Data Analysis Discuss data issues - incorrect or missing managers
4 Using the File System Saving and Opening charts
5 Chart Templates Customizing your chart + data driven formatting
6 Box Styles Custom boxes in your chart
7 Basic Publishing Publish to PDF and other formats
8 Master Page Add logos, page numbers, etc. to your charts
9 Pagination Subchart wizard and manual insert/remove breaks
10 Branch Styles Control the layout of your chart
11 Data Refresh Walk through the different options for synchronizing with your source data
12 Other Panels Profile, Search and Views

Advanced Topics

Covered as relevant.

# Topic Description
1 Add Photos to your charts Upload or reference photos via URL
2 Define formulas Add custom calculations to your chart
3 Modeling and Planning Manual modification of charts
4 Automatic Assistant Detection Automatically set branches for assistants
5 User management and Access Groups Control access at the folder level
6 Automated Data Refresh Automatically update charts daily or weekly
7 Tables & Legends Add tables and legends to your charts
8 Portal Integration Access charts from your intranet
9 Combining Multiple Data Sources Automate complex charts
10 Matrix reporting relationships Dotted-line and auxiliary managers