To minimize any potential for employees and contractors to engage in unlawful conduct affecting the organization, and to assure upon such conduct, that these matters are handled appropriately, including reporting to the appropriate authorities.


It is our policy to ensure adherence to all pertinent federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies and to provide an mechanism for preventing and reporting any breach of those laws or regulations.

See Privacy Policy for stance on Privacy Shield and GDPR.


  • Designate a compliance officer as a point of contact that is responsible for ensuring that all compliance related activities are being performed. Will be following up and documenting on audits, complaints, investigations and training.
  • Conduct review of policies and procedures in all high risk areas to enhance compliance.
  • Internal and external monitoring and auditing for high-risk areas.
  • Empower all involved parties to prevent, detect, respond to, report and resolve conduct that does not conform to applicable laws and regulations, and the organization’s ethical standards/code of conduct.
  • Determine modes of communication to be implemented for staff members to voice questions, concerns and complaints. Train and educate all staff, volunteers, interns and vendors as to the proper procedure to express the complaint.
  • Respond appropriately to detected offenses and develop plan of corrective action both internally and externally.
  • Document in the Compliance Plan to reflect all complaints made and actions taken.