Chart Templates

Chart Templates are the easiest way to format an org chart. [$Appname] includes with a library of pre-defined (System) Chart Templates.

Chart Templates Panel

  • Click on 'Show Panels' button if the right panel is not already shown.
  • Select the 'Templates' tab (at the bottom of the right panel).

Applying Templates

  • Double-click on any Chart Template (e.g. 'Classic') to apply to the current org chart.
  • You can switch between 'System Templates' and 'User Templates' using the radio buttons at the top of the panel. 'User Templates' can be edited. 'System Templates' are read only.

Editing Chart Templates

  • Visit the 'Editing Chart Templates' topic to learn about creating your own templates.

Tips and Tricks

  • Chart Templates can contain conditional formats (for example, managers have a different format than individual contributors).
  • You may need to reapply a template (after modifying a chart) to ensure all boxes are formatted per defined conditional formats.
  • 'Box Styles' are the quickest way to format specific boxes within an org chart.