Box Layout Editor

The box layout editor gives you full control over how a box is presented in the chart.

Box Layout Ribbons Tab

Displaying Fields

  • To add a field - Insert a row or column (See Rows and Columns tab) and then drag a field from the field picker (on the left) into a box cell.
  • To replace a field - Drag a field from the field picker (on the left) over a the box cell containing the field you want to replace.
  • To remove a field - Drag the field from a box cell to anywhere outside of the box.

Box Sizing

  • Fixed - To adjust width, drag the green arrow to change the width of a box. Use the -/+ controls adjust width or height. Use the blue arrow to reset the height.
  • Auto (Self) - Box height is automatically sized based on content. Box width is also determined by content but must fall within min/max bounds.
  • Auto (Smart) - Box width is automatically sized based on the width of peers and supervisors. A supervisor can never be narrower than a subordinate. Box height is automatically sized based height of peers (tree branch style) or on content (one column branch style).

Other Options

  • Explore some of the advanced options.
  • Explore how you can add photos to your charts.

Tips and Tricks

  • If a box is too tall, use the 'Text Wrap' tool to limit the number of lines allowed for any given field.
  • You can reposition a field by dragging it from one box cell to another.
  • Time Saver: Enter content into box, open the layout editor, check 'Preview' before changing presentation properties.
  • The Page Optimization topic gives tips on how to fit a large number of boxes on a page.
  • Formulas (such as a headcount total) can also be included in chart boxes.