Keeping OrgChart Now online is one of our top priorities. Not only are we committed to service up-time but also to making sure that technical support is available to our customers during stated business hours.

See Contingency Planning Policy for additional details.

Hosting Partners

All hosting partners must have disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place. We contract with multiple hosting partners (Rackspace, Microsoft Azure and AWS). SSAE SOC 2 Reports are available from all vendors.

RTO - Recovery Time Objective

The stated RTO from a 'catastrophic disaster' (facility outage, natural disaster or catastrophic human error) is 3 business days. All hosting partners have geographically separated facilities that allow us to recover services in the event of a regional disaster. Contractual commitment to RTO overrides RTO stated in this policy if explicitly agreed to for specific customer.

RPO - Recovery Point Objective

The stated RPO is one business day. Backup services are our sourced to hosting partners. Systems are backed up daily. As long as hosting partners are able to meet committed RPO for backup services, we will be able to meet our stated RPO. Contractual commitment to RPO overrides RPO stated in this policy if explicitly agreed to for specific customer.

Technical Support - Business Continuity

We have technical support centers that are geographically separated (at least 500 miles). This allows us to continue to provide technical support even if one or more of our facilities is not available (e.g., a power outage).

Support centers include:

  • Boise, Idaho
  • Novato, California
  • Exeter, UK
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Phone systems may be impacted by an outage; however, email and web meeting support are committed to remain available.

Emergency Access

Senior staff have "break the glass" access to a secure password vault in that event that access to a critical system is required (for example, in the event of a 'catastrophic disaster' where one or more individuals are not available).

BCP and DR Testing

Our Business Continuity and DR Plans are tested annually. For example, the IT Department is required to restore a server (from backup) to an alternate data center facility.