AutoText Elements

AutoText elements automatically update based on context.

The following AutoText elements are available:

  • Page #
  • Total Pages
  • Page X
  • Page X of Y
  • Today
  • Subchart Name
  • Subchart #
  • Subchart Path
  • Filename
  • Company Name
  • Chain of Command
  • Division
  • Refresh Date

Tips and Tricks

  • 'Subchart #' is similiar to a numbered outline (e.g. 1 for the top subchart, 1.1 for the first subordinate subchart, etc.).
  • 'Chain of Command' displays the management chain above the top box in a subchart (e.g. CEO > Vice President > Director…).
  • AutoText elements are typically inserted on the master page in order to be applicable to all subcharts.
  • Set Company Name using administration tools (administrators only).
  • The Division autotext elements is only used with multi-chart documents.
  • The Refresh Date autotext element shows the last time data was queried from a connector. For flat files, the date shown is the last modification date for the source Excel/csv file.