For ADP Workforce Now customers, OrgChart Now Basic and OrgChart Now Premium can be embedded directly into ADP Workforce Now. See the following table for a comparison of Basic vs Premium.

Item Standard Premium Details
Data synchronization X X Automatic synchronization of org charts with Workforce Now data.
Rule driven formatting X X Data driven rules automatically format org charts.
Multiple org chart visualizations X X Switch between different visualizations. (e.g. chart with and without employee photos).
Employee photos X X Include employee photos in your org charts.
Export to XLS, PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF and PPT X X Convert your charts into professional quality documents with just a couple of clicks.
Drill up/down org charts X X Easily navigate your hierarchy.
Control levels displayed X X Display 2,3 or 4 levels of hierarchy on a single page.
Search org charts X X Easily find any employee in an org chart.
Create your own chart templates X Customize colors and fonts. Customize which fields are shown for any box. Add conditional formats.
Additional ADP WFN fields X Include additional WFN fields (including custom fields) in your org charts.
Add logos, tables, legends and labels X Add master page elements to your charts.
Drag & drop editing X Use drag & drop tools to modify charts or to create workforce plans.
Advanced publishing X Enable dynamic navigation within PDF and PPT documents.
Customize pagination X Manually add/remove breaks or use the subchart wizard to automatically break charts up into multiple pages.
Embed live charts in your website or portal X Publish org charts to your web site or intranet. Control access using SAML Single Sign On.
Add calculations X Include formulas such as custom headcounts or sums in your org charts.
Customize UI color scheme X Change user interface colors to match your portal or corporate color palette.
Open Position Integration X Include open positions in your org charts (sourced from systems including ADP Recruiting, Greenhouse, iCIMS).
Combine Data Sources X Combine data from one or more sources (e.g. WFN data plus one or more additional data sources).
Override ADP WFN data X Automate overrides to ADP WFN data (add, update, moves or suppress records) to ensure you get exactly the chart you need.
Chart Builder X Build custom org charts for any branch of your organization with just a few clicks. Designed for easy deployment to end users.
Org Chart Workbench X Create/edit charts manually, create charts from an Excel/CSV data using the Import Wizard.
Create/Apply dynamic filters X Include/exclude records from charts in real-time (e.g. include/exclude open positions - include/exclude contractors).
Advanced security X Folder access control, Feature access control, Role Based Security and Branch Level Security.
Customize employee profile X Control which fields are shown in baseball cards for a selected chart box.
Point in Time Charts X Use the chart builder to query for the structure of the organization on a given day.*
Collaborative Planning X Multiple planners working simultaneously on a plan. Track changes on a per user basis.*

*Additional fee may apply.