Key Benefits

  1. "True automation" vs. "semi-automation" - It really takes 5 to 10 minutes to update your chart (not hours or days). Data refresh makes updating your charts a snap.
  2. Direct Connect - Query ADP directly. No need to waste time exporting reports from ADP and then importing them into an org chart tool.
  3. Get exactly the chart you need - customize your chart with conditional formats, place page breaks where you need them, custom master pages, choose which fields to display on a box by box basis, add dynamic calculations…
  4. Combine Data Sources - Add Placeholders, vacancies and contractors not stored in ADP. Sometimes the data in ADP isn't enough to create the desired chart.
  5. Publish your charts to PDF or embed directly in your intranet portal

Other Benefits

  1. Planning & Modeling - Use drag & drop tools to create future states
  2. Add workforce analytics to your charts

Demo Notes

  1. Easy Data Refresh - Easily sync chart with ADP (Select REFRESH | Refresh Icon | Refresh button)
  2. Master Page - Add logo, page numbers, refresh date, etc… to each page
  3. Full control over pagination - Put page breaks exactly where you need them
  4. Easily navigate and search your chart using the drill up/down arrows, subcharts panels, and search panel
  5. Combine Multiple Data Sources - ADP and Excel spreadsheet
    • Location boxes - Placeholder boxes for location persist when syncing with ADP (Page 13 - Texas East)
    • Contractor boxes (Contract Lease Operators) - Placeholder boxes persists when syncing with ADP (Page 13 - Texas East)
    • Board of Directors - Automatically appended to chart and persists when syncing with ADP (Page 1)
  6. Assistants are automatically formatted (Page 11)
  7. Conditional Formats - Wyoming employees are automatically highlighted in blue (Page 6 - Wyoming Field)
  8. Easily Publish to PDF (Select SHARE | Publish | PDF | Entire Chart)
  9. Large single page chart for output to plotter (Open PDF 'Single Page - Oil Reserves')
  10. Easily add photos to your org charts (even if the photos are not stored in ADP) [Photos chart is available in the Charts Folder]

Other Notes

  • Hosted on server:
  • Contact moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro for demo or access credentials
  • People's names in the chart are random (names may change when data is refreshed)