Access Groups

Access Groups control which folders a specific user can access. Assign users to access groups using the Manage Users tool.


  • Add Access Group - Add a new access group
  • Rename Access Group - Change the name of an access group
  • Delete Access Group - Deleted the selected access group
  • Add Folder to Group - Add a folder to a group
  • Remove Folder from Group - Remove a folder from a group
  • Lock Folder - Lock/Unlock a folder. Files in locked folders cannot be modified by read/write users (only by administrators)

Tips and Tricks

  • If an access group is deleted, all users assigned to that access group will no longer have access to any folder
  • Be careful when granting access to the 'Trash' folder as it may contain sensitive data
  • make sure to lock the folder containing your production charts (so that read/write users cannot accidentally modify)
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